The Green Hornet in 3D

The Green Hornet – A Painless Sting


Green Hornet offers a refreshing, comedic twist to the comic book hero movie genre. Having said that, the action in the movie was somewhat lacking; true comic book turned into movie fans may have somewhat of a problem with that. I mean what do you expect with Seth Rogan as the action hero. Where the movie falls short in terms of action, they make up for it with laughs.

3 Responses to “The Green Hornet in 3D”

  1. Green Hornet watch online says:

    A type of annoying movies who has enough fine stuff in it which it can not be dismissed out-of-hand, but enough deficits that certain will be hard-pressed to praise this.

  2. OhhhMyyy says:

    I saw this the first day it came out. It wasnt what I thought it was gonna be, but it was cool. I liked the cars and the motorcycle was sick. I know Im supposed to be talking about the movie but hey Im talking about what I liked.

  3. Micky says:

    I completely thought this was really a comic book hero, so I was disappointed when I saw this movie initially. After I got over that fact, I began to enjoy the movie. It had some funny points in it.

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