Just Go With It

Just Go With It – Cause Adam’s Got It


If you have ever seen a Adam Sandler movie you know he is the king of one liners. This movie is no different. Add Jennifer Aniston’s looks and charm and you have a movie worth seeing.  You will be laughing throughout the movie and to add to it for you gents there are hot ladies throughout to keep your attention. If you want to laugh check this one out.

3 Responses to “Just Go With It”

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  2. -V says:

    I saw this movie today. It was funny, but it had many parts that were too goofy (in my opinion). Adam Sandler was cute and funny. Jennifer’s acting was excellent, which was worth seeing. But it was just too darn goofy.

  3. Kelsie says:

    I’m haven’t seen this movie yet, but the so-called hot chick that Adam Sandler is trying to get in the movie has a weird shape in the commercial. She has a like a weird Sponge Bob thing going on in the ab area. It looks like a skinny girl muffin-top.

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