Big Momma’s House

February 19, 2011



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Martin Lawrence delivers in the third installment of the Big Momma franchise along with Brandon T. Jackson.  The film is not necessarily the most original but there are laugh out loud funny moments.  We are big sticklers for realism around here so we did notice the disappearance of the baby from Big Momma 2.  Like the oldest Cunningham son on Happy Days and Judy, the youngest daughter on Family Matters, the audience is supposed to forget that he/she exists.

Malcolm (Lawrence) and his step-son, Trent (Jackson), are forced into drag at an all-girls’ school after Trent witnesses a murder.  While the premise to get them all dolled up is a stretch, fans will enjoy where the story takes them.

Little quirks aside, the film is good but definitely not a full price movie.  It is not as good as the first, but much better than the second Big Momma.

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