Possibly a full price ticket, but definitely matinee material.

Sometimes the title of a film sets your expectations before you ever see one minute of it. This was that kind of movie for us. Add to the fact that this movie was a remake from 1982 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and director Marcus Nispel had his hands full delivering the goods.

Conan (played by Jason Momoa) a fierce Cimmerian warrior witnessed the slaughter of his village and father to the hands of hulking rivals as a young boy.  As he grew to become a man, he lived his life to avenge the lives of those he loved by finding his rivals and making them pay.

In a nutshell, this movie delivered exactly what we expected to see. The fighting scenes, the costumes and the story line were decent and it even had a few similar elements to the 1982 version. Though the story line was not an exact replica of the older version, it delivered on entertainment value.

As a note, save your money on a 3D ticket. The effects aren’t worth the extra money, so you can get some extra popcorn or candy for the show.


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