Spend Your Cash Proudly On A Full Price Ticket!

Have you ever sat back and counted how many navy seal, marine and army movies there have been over the years. They all have the same basic concept and no matter how you change the story or the actors, the result is still the same. Lots of action, strong manly looking guys and usually so so acting. If your into those type of movies, then your happy. If not, then you always pass or wish you had. Directors Mike McCoy, Scott Waugh were dedicated towards making their film unique by adding one critical piece: REAL ACTIVE DUTY NAVY SEALS AS THE LEADING CHARACTERS.

Like we mentioned above, the story line doesn’t differ much from all the others. A group of Navy Seals are sent on a mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent who stumbled upon the wrong men looking to do harm against the US. Its not until they make the rescue that they determine that there is much more to the story than they originally thought.

From the news, trailers and the commercials, we were excited to see the results of this unique approach. We weren’t expecting much from an acting standpoint, but we anticipated plenty of action and a real view into what its like to be a Navy Seal.

We are comfortable stating that this is the closest you will ever get to experiencing what its like to be Navy Seal unless you are or were one. Many of the scenes were shot from a point of view perspective and according to the directors, real live ammo was used to bring a realistic feel to the movie.

It’s almost as if the directors were playing the video game “Call of Duty Modern War fare” and decided to shoot a movie the same way. To add some acting ability to the movie, they did incorporate actors Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez and Nestor Serrano, but the stars of this film were clearly the Navy Seals.

Although the movie had a sour ending, if you don’t leave this film feeling inspired, its definitely something wrong with you.

Spend your cash proudly on a full price ticket if your into movies like this. Otherwise conserve your dough and see the matinee.

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