February 24, 2012





Don’t waste your money; wait until it comes on TV!

We wonder why Aniston signed on to do this film, we wonder what the writers David Wain and Ken Marino were thinking, and we wondered when would it be over.

George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) are a young couple faced with the disappointment of a job loss, and a new loft they can no longer afford. The couple heads to Atlanta to move in with George’s brother. On the way there, the couple stumbles upon a hippie commune they mistake for a Bread and Breakfast. When staying with the brother doesn’t pan out, the couple returns to the commune where they embrace the free love lifestyle.

The movie tries to do too much and doesn’t give enough time to cement each storyline. They missed the mark on offering a new twist to the same old story, or shall I say stories. We start off thinking this was going to be a movie about people’s ability to rebound from financial ruin, wait no, then we are introduced to a dysfunctional family with a Mother/wife that would be a pretty good addition to ATL Housewives; and just when you think the movie is going to start going somewhere, they take us down the path of ‘ole natural, where one returns to nature and the simple life to gain a better understanding of their purpose in life. Sprinkle in some Swingers, corporate greed, and a new casino and there you have it-Wanderlust.

Aside from the occasional laugh –Rudd’s scene where he is practicing his “pimp daddy” mantra is hilarious-it isn’t enough to carry the movie through. The likeable cast cannot overcome the poorly written script. The best parts are the outtakes.

Wonder no more, free yourself from this movie. Watch it on TV!

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