March 9, 2012





If you like to laugh take out your cash. Prime time ticket ladies and gentlemen.

SHUT UP ALREADY! I think we all have wanted to tell someone that once or twice. We’ll this Eddie Murphy comedy highlights the benefits of this lost art form and hopefully people learn something along the way.

Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is an accomplished talent agent who prides himself on his gift of gab. His ability to talk anyone into signing with him was is greatest asset until he met his new client Dr. Sinja played by Cliff Curtis (Three Kings, Training Day). While attempting to convince Dr. Sinja to allow him to represent his new book, he came across a tree which to his surprise would change his life.

We seem to remember another movie with a similar plot where they had to shut up or risk loosing everything, so this isn’t an original concept. But we will say the spin that writer Steve Koren put on the movie gave it its own identity to an extent.

There was definitely plenty of laughter throughout the theater from the movie goers who screened this film with us, so we are positive that you will find this movie funny and entertaining. It won’t go down as the funniest movie of the year, but if you want to take the family out for some laughs, this is the movie for you.

Remember this is PG-13.  You might want to cover the kiddies eyes for one of the scenes, but overall its pretty safe for everyone. The film got pretty serious at the end, but we were being taught a valuable lesson, so we won’t complain.

Get your cash, family and note book out and go check this one out.

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