Maybe A Good DVD Christmas Gift, but Not A Primetime Movie Ticket

Ohhhhh I bet when directors Chris Kentis and Laura Lau premiered this movie for their friends and family, I bet they said to themselves, I hope the critics remain silent with their opinions.

Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) returns to the family vacation home with her father and uncle after a long absence in efforts to fix it up and sell it. In an old boarded up house with no lights, Sarah is easily frightened by every sound heard. When her dad goes to check on a noise she hears upstairs, things begin to go suddenly wrong and her past begins to become reality.

For this to be a horror film, there certainly wasn’t anything scary about it. There was plenty of suspense but that’s about it. Any good horror film will have scenes where you jump out your seat and this movie was silent in that area.

The writers even failed to write the plot with any type of consistency, so it was hard to follow. One minute it was a man chasing her in normal clothes, then it was a funny looking monster like guy, then it was two men and a little girl playing. If you stepped out for popcorn or a bathroom break, you just might get lost when you return. We know they are supposed to keep us on our toes, but this was a little extreme.

Save your money people. Catch it at the Red Box or on NetFlix.



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