March 30, 2012





Funny but matinee material here ladies and gentlemen.

Who thought a movie about hockey and fighting would have been funny? Not us! Even if  Sean William Scott (American Pie, American Reunion) is the leading character! Boy were we surprised.

Doug Glatt (Sean William Scott), a family outcast struggles to find his calling in life. Lacking the brain power of his family, the only job he is good at is being a bouncer at a bar and fighting for a living. Its not until he and his best friend go to a semi-professional hockey game and he gets into a fight with one of the players, that he identifies his new calling.

We really didn’t expect much with this one. It seemed to get very little publicity and lets face it, unless your into hockey, why would you think it would be worth your time and money.

Well we were pleasantly surprised to find that is was actually funny. Ironically enough it wasn’t because of Sean’s usual obnoxious antics. He was actually more subdued in this role than in all of his other characters. The writers somehow managed to find a way to make fighting and hockey funny.

Now we must admit that our funny bone is a little different than most. Lets face it, we think some of the oddest things are funny. So if your into fighting or hockey, you will laugh pretty often. If not, you probably won’t laugh half as much as we did.

At most, spend $5 bucks on a Sunday matinee. Otherwise catch it on DVD.



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