The Five-Year Engagement Poster


No Need to Rush Down the Aisle for This One-It’s Not Worth A Full Price Ticket

We all know a couple that has been engaged forever—time passes by and we wonder when or if they will ever get married. “Five Year Engagement” written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, who also directed the movie; is a romantic comedy that follows a couple’s relationship journey and possible trip down the road of matrimony.

The movie begins with Tom (Jason Segel) proposing to his girlfriend Violet’s (Emily Blunt). The San Francisco couple’s engagement is postponed after Violet is offered a fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Along with their co-stars Alison Brie who plays Violet’s sister Suzie and Chris Pratt as Tom’s best friend Alex, the chemistry of the cast make this movie tolerable.

The movie explores several relationship issues with the most prominent one being the impact of compromises made by a mate in a relationship to please the other person. The writers do a fairly decent job of capturing the anxiety faced by many engaged couples without slamming overused cliches’ down your throat.

Just like some weddings, this movie is long and drags on forever. Towards the middle we were wondering when it would end. There are quite a few funny moments in the movie, but the movie is just ok.

This is the type of movie you see when the movie you really want to see is sold out. Catch this at a matinee or wait for it on DVD.

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