May 16, 2012




We wouldn’t buy more than a matinee ticket for this film, but who are we to dictate what you should do.

When writer Sacha Baron Cohen wrote this film, I am sure he was aware of the controversy that it would stir and boy did he not hold back.

The Dictator starring Sacha Baron Cohen, is a film about a foreign dictator from Waadeya who enjoyed oppressing his beloved country. After traveling to America to reveal his latest scheme, he is tricked by his help and replaced by a body double with the intent to present a plan to finally turn Waadeya into a democratic country.  After being thrown into the New York population, he attempts to reclaim his place on the thrown, but eventually meets a love interest who changes his perspective forever.

If you have plans on seeing this film, your going to need thick skin and a keen sense of humor.  Why do we say this? Well lets see….. racial and religious stereo types are continously expounded on throughout the movie and the negative light placed on the Arab population is basically over the top.

It does have a few funny moments and there is even a eye opening moment in the film about our own country, but everyone won’t be so amused. If you can handle this type of humor, proceed with caution, but if you think you may be offended in the slightest way, steer clear of THE DICTATOR. This one isn’t for you.

We aren’t a dictator so we can’t tell you what to do, but we wouldn’t spend more than matinee money on this film.


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