June 29, 2012




You Won’t Want Your Money Back. Spend your doe!

Best leave the kids at home for this comedy ladies and gentlemen, because this isn’t your ordinary teddy bear movie.

A young boy named John Bennett (Mark Wahberg) struggles to make friends in his neighborhood, when one year his parents give him a teddy bear as a present.  John names the bear Ted and enjoys him so much that one night he wishes Ted could come to life.  To his and the worlds surprise, he comes to life and becomes a household figure. Years go by and both John and Ted grow up and partake in adult activities which effects John’s personal life with his girl friend.

From the moment we saw the first trailer, we knew this was going to be hilariously funny. We had a clue that some pretty inappropriate things were going to go down, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the approach writer and director Seth MacFarlane took.

The combination of comical banter, mixed with mature remarks and the innocence of a fluffy teddy bear was well played. To add to the fun, they even through in a bunch of racial stereo types which added to the laughter.

Every child in the world at some moment in their life probably wanted their favorite toy to come to life, but it’s a good thing its not physically possible, because we don’t think  the world could handle a real life Ted.

Leave the kids at home, but grab your adult friends, because your going to enjoy this one.


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