TOTAL RECALL MOVIE PREMIERE PASS GIVEAWAY has 25 movie premiere passes to give away!!!

MOVIE: Total Recall

Date:Thurs Aug 2, 2012

Time: 7pm

Where: Emagine Royal Oak

Giveaway Rules: To win passes, leave a post on the giveaway page when you suspected someone of being a spy. If you don’t receive a response, please refer back to the site to determine if the giveaway has been closed.

Movie Synopsis: A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall – a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led – goes wrong and he finds himself on the run.


  1. DThomas says:

    I had to put up a privacy fence because my neighbor was always spying on my back yard.

  2. Leticia Byrne says:

    Fast as fast can b…u’ll never catch me!

  3. Bigwill says:

    I think I’m a spy. Some nights I go to sleep in my bed and I’ll wake up at various locations fully clothed with plenty of cuts and bruises.

  4. T Frazier-Greene says:

    Someone else?? I am the greatest spy to ever live! Ask my husband…..

  5. Prettyma323 says:

    I was dating someone and I swear they must’ve been peeping in my window daily. They knew a little too much about me.

  6. Mike says:

    When you see one little dude dressed in white and one little dude dressed in black (Spy vs Spy) trying to out maneuver each other you have to supsect a couple of SPYS.

  7. Nomadd75 says:

    I suspect my wife only friended me on Facebook so she can monitor my friends.

  8. david says:

    i spy you ask y its good old gov yes—————indeed

  9. Wayne says:

    My wife is a spy when it comes to my covert activities.

  10. shelli Lempert says:

    Spying on one’s boyfriend. Not to be trusted!!!!!!!

  11. Adam swallow says:

    I thought that my next door neighbor was spying on my other neighbor. I would watch every night out my window and see my neighbor go next store and hang out near the bushes. As it turned out, ht neighbor had hired him to instal basement windows. I was so wrong and embarrased!

  12. ron says:

    When I was a young man and I use to hang with the guy’s, my wife would spy on me to see if that was what I was actually doing!!!!!!!

  13. FMP says:

    To win passes, leave a post on the giveaway page when you suspected someone of being a spy. I don’t think I have ever been spied on, corporately. But one can never tell. Unless you count when your supervisor is watching you, when you take breaks or arrive late to work.

  14. Donald Bush says:

    I had a friend in elementary school that thought his Uncle was a spy for the government. Later in life we found out that he worked for the IRS…so I guess he kind of was.

  15. Wayne says:

    I suspect myself as being a spy for the Totall Recall passes: Great Movie Ever!

  16. Billy says:

    Someone is a spy?

  17. Lady A says:

    I believe my mother was the greatest spy ever. Whenever we did something wrong she would give us every detail of exactly what we did and we were never able to figure out how she found out. She says to this day, mothers knows…………..

  18. Don says:

    Cannot think off one. Oh well.

  19. Bagray112 says:

    I thought my wife was a spy because I cought her going through my stuff and she was always trying to crack my computer and phone passwords.

  20. Rachel says:

    The company that I work for sends people to my site asking formal questions about the company to hear my response. Most questions make them look obvious….however I am always on my game and believe in the company that I work for so its all good!

  21. Linlady says:

    I don’t really think he was a spy but he truly appeared to act like one.
    I was with my son at one of the major super stores when I noticed this man looking around corners of the isle and ducking in and out of the isles while he appears to be following someone. I asked my son if he saw what I saw and he indicated he didn’t see anything. I continued to shop and I noticed him again and when it appeared that someone saw him he ducked out of one of the doors in the store that didn’t appear to be accessible to the public. He may have been store security but he really didn’t seem like it the way he was spying arount corners and such.

  22. PG says:

    My office is in Detroit, but our US headquarters are on the East Coast. We have an engineer in Detroit who reports to management in MA…and we always joke that he is a corporate spy.

  23. karen zahn says:

    I suspect Kim in our office is a spy……………she always has her light off………sitting in the dark…….and she pretends to be on the phone while listening to others conversations……..

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