August 17, 2012





Give up your money for a full price ticket!

The much anticipated remake of the 1976 movie is finally here. This project has been in the making for over a decade, and it was well worth the wait.

Staying true to the original version, the movie centers on a young woman Sparkle who is destined to make it in the music industry. Sparkle played by Jordin Sparks, and joined by her sisters: Sister (Carmen Ejogo) and Delores (Tika Sumpter), the trio become a music group with sights on taking the Detroit scene by storm and becoming the next big singing sensation. Fueled by individual ambitions and the desire to loosen the chains from their overprotective Mother (Whitney Houston), the ladies make decisions that threaten to thwart their family bond and change their lives forever. Rounding out the cast is Derek Luke in his first role as a leading male; Omari Hardwick; and a very memorable performance by Mike Epps. The chemistry between the cast was very believable. As you might imagine the music was on point. Jordin Sparks as Sparkle solidifies why she was voted as an American Idol.

Director Salim Akil, and writers Mara Brock Akil and Howard Rosenman tell this story from a fresh perspective. The 2012 version is not as gritty as the original version. Some of the dark clouds that hovered over the original movie, that have been imprinted into our minds for the last 35 years are retold with a softer feel. We believe the changes to the storyline will be well received.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Whitney Houston. It was good to see her back in action. We couldn’t help but feel the sadness of what might have been. As we watched the movie we could not help to think if art imitated life. The Whitney we see in the movie is radiant, and definitely has her own sparkle. There is one particular part of the movie that will move you to tears.

Movie goers that remember the movie from back in the day will not be disappointed! We don’t want to tell you too much, we want you to be just as surprised and moved as we were. You are in for a real treat!

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