HOME RUN, Pick up a full price ticket

Watching trailers sometimes, you just never know exactly what your going to get. Here we thought we were in for an action/romance oriented film with a little comedy and to our surprise we got a comedy with some romance and action thrown in.

Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) is a ex getaway driver in the witness protection program. While in hiding, Charlie meets the love of his life Annie played by Kristen Bell. Comfortable living the simple life, Annie gets offered her dream job in California. Unfortunately, California is exactly where Charlie had his troubles. His love for Annie forces him to put his fears behind him and risk meeting his ex friends who want to kill him and get the money he owes them.

We figured with Tom Arnold playing a prominent role in the film, that there would be some funny moments, but we found ourselves laughing pretty much the whole movie. Were not talking slap stick jokes either. We are talking natural comedy which seemed to flow with the storyline.

The chase scenes and the romantic banter between the lead characters was entertaining, but the comedy definitely stole the show. This isn’t a film we would say run out and see on the release day, but its worthy of grabbing your significant other and going out for a good dinner and a movie on your next date night.

This is a home run, so you won’t regret spending your money here.

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