Get a full price ticket, but don’t cash in your stocks for it

Films about money hungry billionaires who get greedy and want their cake and eat it too has been done before many times over. The story isn’t original, yet we common folk still tend to find interest in the story of their potential demise.

Richard Gere plays billionaire investor Robert Miller, who puts on the perception that he has everything under control, until he causes an accident which threatens to expose the true realities of his life. To keep his life intact, he has to make some tough decisions risking hurthing those he cares most about.

Like we said, this movie isn’t original in many ways, but yet it got our attention. Richard Gere instatly brought a intriguing factor to the film due to his smooth and handsome persona. If anyone could pull this story off, its him.

Building up the characters was the slowest part of the film, which unfortunately was the beginning of the movie.The film didn’t get interesting until things progressed and we got to the meat of movie (the affair). Once there though, we found ourselves wanting to see how he was going to get himself out of every issue that presented itself.

The acting was decent and the story line was engaging, thus we find that this movie is worthy of a full price ticket, but due the story line being done before and the slowness in the beginning, we don’t suggest that you spend your last dollar to buy the ticket.

And what was up with the ending anyway!!!!

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