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If you read the book, prime ticket earner. If not, matinee ticket might be better.

When we review a film, we love to be taken on a journey. That’s definitely what we got with this film.

Halle Berry and Tom Hanks star in this movie as they chronicle the actions of individual lives, detailing the impact that they each have on one another through the journeys of past, present and future.

Directors  Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, and Lana Wachowski certainly took on a heck of a project, because this was not an easy film to create. If you read the novel, you already know what to expect, but if you didn’t, you just might be confused and possibly disappointed.

Why might you ask? We’ll they are trying to tell the story of many characters across many different settings and time periods. This can easily be done in a book, but when you try to cram it into a 3 hour movie, the task gets much more difficult.

As we have stated, if you read the book, you’re going to love this film. Don’t expect it to be an exact replica, but you will follow the points the directors were trying to present and enjoy it just the same. If you didn’t, well your in for a heck of a ride and you better get your Atlas out so you can follow.





Almost Worth A Prime Time Ticket

Guess who is crossing over to the action genre? That’s right Tyler Perry!

A homicide detective in Detroit is an accomplished veteran in the police department known for solving crimes using his PHD in psychology. Like any other case, he is assigned to a high profile case to assess the clues, but this case won’t be so cut and dry.

Ok we know! Its hard to get over not seeing Tyler Perry in a dress as Madea in the series of Madea films he has written and produced over the years. It makes seeing him as a serious action film that much more difficult. Once you get over that minor issue though, you find that he does a pretty good job playing the role. There’s plenty of action and the bad guy played by Mathew Fox (Emperor 2012, Lost TV Series) was just down right crazy.

There were a few points in the film we didn’t like such as the fight scene at the end. It was just too simple and easy compared to the skills that the villain showed at the beginning of the film. We also think a few of the lines were a bit too Tyler Perryish in that they sounded like they belonged in one of his directed films.

Outside of the points above, we think this was a pretty good film. Tyler did a pretty good job, but it wasn’t as believable as it could have been if it were played by a more accomplished actor known for playing action roles. Right now, we are giving this a Matinee look, but after a few more roles like this, Tyler just may be getting Prime Ticket purchases from us for his action performances.


THE SESSIONS MOVIE PREMIERE GIVEAWAY (CLOSED) has 50 movie premiere passes to give away!!!

MOVIE:The Sessions

Date: Oct 29, 2012

Time: 7pm

Where: Emagine Royal Oak

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Movie Synopsis: THE SESSIONS: (Limited Release) Based on the poignantly optimistic autobiographical writings of California–based journalist and poet Mark O’Brien, THE SESSIONS tells the story of a man who lived most of his life in an iron lung who is determined – at age 38 – to lose his virginity. With the help of his therapist and the guidance of his priest, he sets out to make his dream a reality. (FOX SEARCHLIGHT)< ;>; This film is rated R. Opens at the Maple Art on Friday, November 2nd.

12 Oct




Good original film, but only worthy of a Matinee ticket

We must be honest. We didn’t know what to expect from this film. A comedy about MMA fighting. Hmmmm! The only thing that made us give it a chance was the fact that Kevin James was the leading character. If anyone can make a film funny, Kevin can.

High school biology teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) is one of many teachers in the school with little interest in teaching. Once Scott learned that the school was going to cut the music program, he gets energized to do whatever he can to raise money to save it. After some  thought, Scott decides to earn the money by becoming an MMA fighter.

Writers Kevin James, Allan Loeb and Rock Reuben get an “A” for originality, because they were really reaching for a new comedic idea. We weren’t sure how they were going to make this movie funny, while maintaining the realistic feel MMA fight fans are used to. Come on let’s face it, Kevin doesn’t exactly have an athletic look to his physique.

Surprisingly it worked! Kevin and his supporting cast actually were funny. More importantly, the realistic feel and look of MMA was maintained by casting some true MMA legends. The story line was intrigueing considering the negative publicity our school systems are recieving today, but the writers managed to bring a positive spin to an already ugly situation.

Grab your family and head out to see this film. Its not worthy of a prime time movie ticket, but its definitely worth a matinee see.