January 11, 2013




A Haunted House – In the house

This is definitely a prime time ticket winner.

It’s just something about that Wayan’s Family! Anytime they touch a project you can usually count on two things: 1) Its going to be funny, 2) Its going to be successful. We’ll baby brother Marlon is taking on the challenge all by himself this time.

Malcom (Marlon Wayans) is getting ready to embark on a new journey in his relationship with his girlfriend Keisha, (played by Essence Atkins) by moving her into his house. Though some try to warn him, he believes everything is going to be wonderful and plans to film the entire ordeal. Once she moves in, reality starts to kick in along with some mysterious occurrences.

Well we are here to tell you that Marlon successfully accomplished 1 of the 2 Wayan’s Family guarantees. We must prepare you though, the humor (as usual with the Wayan’s Family) takes you right to the edge of acceptability. No worries though, they usually do so without going too far, so you will find yourself laughing pretty much throughout the entire film.

Outside of it being funny, we find it necessary to point out that this is the only scary film which was purposely written as a comedy without spoofing other movies. According to Marlon during his Question and Answer session at the screening, he was intrigued by this project, because a project of this nature had never been done before.

This is certainly a prime time ticket winner here ladies and gentlemen. We can’t predict whether Marlon will accomplish guarantee #2 of it being successful, but it certainly has the right ingredients to do so.



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