CLOSED CIRCUIT MOVIE PREMIERE PASS GIVEAWAY has 25 admit 2 passes to give away!!


Date: Tues Aug 27, 2013

Time: 7pm

Where: Main Art Theater

Giveaway Rules: Post a comment at on this films page telling us about situation where you found yourself at risk with an ex lover of yours. IF YOU SEE “(CLOSED)” IN THE POST TITLE, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO-LONGER AVAILABLE.

Movie Synopsis: Martin and Claudia are lawyers — and ex-lovers — who find themselves put at risk after they join the defense team for an international terrorist’s trial.


  1. David Green says:

    Deployed to Afghanistan with the woman I loved. Almost imprisoned after identity mixup.

  2. Larry Klein says:

    When was I at risk from an ex-lover? The shorter question would be… when wasn’t I? The life of Larry Klein is always dangerous.

  3. Tamiko Colts says:

    I have not personally been at risk but an ex-boyfriend has and I helped him out of a potentially life sentence in jail.

  4. JB says:

    I had 2 prom dates and my sister told them before I could break it off with one of them. It was a bad day.

  5. Craig Shirar says:

    I was out and about one time with my current girlfriend when she saw her ex…we then proceeded to hide in the bushes until he was very far away.

  6. matt h. says:

    broke up with girl freind only to meet her again on a web dating site using a different name

  7. jim says:

    went to the movies with my girlfreind and sat in front of my old girlfreind

  8. LAS says:

    I really would like to review this movie.

  9. maria smith says:

    Movies with lawyers are one of my favorite.

  10. Bagray112 says:

    I was out cutting the grass and my girl at the time was snooping through my phone. It would have been cool accepts ex decided to cl after 3 mo of no communication. I think you can imagine the rest!

  11. jon says:

    Caught, again, stealing soap and shampoo from the hotel room.

  12. Karen says:

    I am happy to say that I have never found myself at risk with an ex lover.

  13. Dianne says:

    The only time I felt at risk was when an ex-boyfriend was discovered doing drugs and his friends were rather unsavory.

  14. We went to a hockey game and got into a car accident, after the accident we decided to date again.

  15. Teresa Taylor says:

    My ex-lover and I can’t stand each other. It can be very dangerous when we are around each other.

  16. I meet a gentleman on a dating site with much success, but my ex boyfriend became very upset and I had a year of moving to get away.

  17. Regan "Rider" says:

    I am happy to say I married my first love, therefore I never had an ex lover to worry about 🙂

  18. I was with my friend and I saw my ex coming right at me…I HIGHTAILED IT OUT OF THERE!

  19. Mark Bowker says:

    I wish I could tell you about a situation with an ex lover where I was at risk but my life just hasn’t been that interesting. Hope I can still get some passes though. Honesty has to count for something right?

  20. Yolande says:

    Oh boy! Can this be anonymous? Running into an ex-lover is inevitable over the years when you have mutual friends especially from college! Homecoming gatherings put you at extended risk! Enough said…

  21. Devon Smith says:

    I was at risk when two girls I was dating found out about one another on my way home…both were waiting for me

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