donjon has 25 admit 2 passes to give away!

Date: Wed Sept 25, 2013

Time: 7pm

Where: Emagine Royal Oak

Giveaway Rules: Post a comment at on this films page telling us about someone you know that is addicted to porn.  IF YOU SEE “(CLOSED)” IN THE POST TITLE, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO-LONGER AVAILABLE.

Synopsis: Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a strong, handsome, good old fashioned guy.  His buddies call him Don Jon due to his ability to “pull” a different woman every weekend, but even the finest fling doesn’t compare to the bliss he finds alone in front of the computer watching pornography.  Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) is a bright, beautiful, good old fashioned girl.  Raised on romantic Hollywood movies, she’s determined to find her Prince Charming and ride off into the sunset.  Wrestling with good old fashioned expectations of the opposite sex, Jon and Barbara struggle against a media culture full of false fantasies to try and find true intimacy in this unexpected comedy written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (RELATIVITY MEDIA) This film is rated R.


  1. Bagray112 says:

    I am!

  2. Don says:

    I am an addict.

  3. alana walker says:

    I have a friend that is married to a guy who watches so much porn that he keeps lotion next to the computer. She has gotten so many viruses on her comouter from the sites that he frequents. When she gets ready to use her comouter, no matter what key she presses a porn site will pop up. It is so sad.

  4. Steve S says:

    Does it count to say the whole office I work in?

  5. ron says:

    I also know this guy who has to have porno to get started…

  6. Dee says:

    This seems like a fun movie. I would like to win passes to this event.
    I know of some people who are addicted to porn. It has even happened to some gospel singers.

  7. RMB says:

    I know someone that watches it more than some play Candy Crush (and thats ALOT)!

  8. Mark Bowker says:

    I used to have a problem with it. For years it was a secret part of my life. I’m happy to say that I’m a recovered addict and no longer am drawn to it. I am suspicious of some of my co workers though. Life is too short to be a slave to anything

  9. Robert Martinez says:

    My younger brother likes to see pronos but had to stop after all the veto stores closed.

  10. Jonathan King says:

    I know a girl that is addicted to porn so much that she began a porn company and stars in some of the films. She has to be be watching porn to get turned on and climax.

  11. Tamiko Colts says:

    Addicted?… More like obsessed to the point of starring in their own movies.

  12. Sara G says:

    Pretty personal question for some I suppose, but I work with teens, college students and recovering addicts. Let’s just say, I know many.

  13. sarah kucharski says:

    I really want to see this movie

  14. Jay says:

    I know a guy that has to have a porno running when he is with his wife to get turned on.

  15. Deb Zukin says:

    I want to see this

  16. eugene mattison says:

    sorry don”t know anyone but I still want passes

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