Date: Tues January 28, 2014

Time: 7pm

Where: Uptown Palladium

Giveaway Rules: Post a comment at on this films page telling us about a confusing moment in a relationship you have been. IF YOU SEE “(CLOSED)” IN THE POST TITLE, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO-LONGER AVAILABLE.

Synopsis: Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are three best friends who find themselves where we’ve all been– at that confusing “moment” in every dating relationship when you have to decide “So…where is this going?” Written and Directed by Tom Gormican, THAT AWKWARD MOMENT co-stars Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas. Scott Aversano is producing via his Aversano Pictures banner along with Andrew O’Connor, and Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen via the Treehouse Pictures Banner.  The film is executive produced by Manu Gargi, Zac Efron, Jason Barrett, Michael Simkin,  John Friedberg, and Peter Schlessel and Lia Buman. (FILM DISTRICT). This film is rated R.


  1. klz says:

    Have survived many awkward moments

  2. Candyce Harris says:

    Not realizing we were talking about different days when planning an entire date! had to reschedule

  3. Warren says:

    When you go in for a kiss on the first date and she tells you that she thought we were just friends.

  4. Julie Bussell says:

    When I first met my boyfriend of 10 years he told me he was a year younger than me. We went to Texas to visit his family and I saw his baby announcement was still on the memo board at his parents house. When I looked at it said he was born in 1960 which would have made him 2 years OLDER than me! I was confused until he confessed to lying!!!! I was relieved he was older though…lol.

  5. Ryan Jones says:

    I was meeting my wife and the bowling alley. Well earlier that day we talked about a bowling alley that she didn’t want to go to and made mention of another one to go to. Well later I met her at the one that she mentioned assuming that’s where we were going. I was WRONG! We end up going to the bowling that she said she didn’t want to go to, smh. Talking about confused! :-/

  6. stephanie says:

    Trying to determine who’s place to chill at for the evening. It was always confusing..his place or my place..wet both lived by ourselves.

  7. Tyrone says:

    I married my date b/c she had beautiful eyes

  8. Jaime says:

    I did the unthinkable in a guys car…

  9. Allison king says:

    When I call my then boyfriend from work and told him to call the church and schedule our wedding for a couple of weeks away when I would be on vacation!!

  10. After 2 years of dating I was taken out to a romantic dinner and and an evening at the opera. We went to a quiet jazz place, he looked deeply in my eyes as he held this small box in his hand. He placed the box in my hand and smiled. Eagerly I opened the box. It was a “friendship ring” ! Needless to say we did not stay friends.

  11. Mark says:

    After the initial shock wore off I was quite ecstatic about the possibilities. But initially when an ex-girlfriend informed me she preferred women over men and that I was just a phase, I felt emasculated. It had never been a circumstance where I didn’t feel like I was enough. I didn’t know if I should continue the relationship or withdraw due to an unfair disadvantage lol. Alas……I miss her. Twelve years later, I wonder where she is….

  12. alana walker says:

    My girlfriend introduced me to her best friend in hopes that we would start dating. But all the while she really wanted to be with him herself. We broke up and they dated but they broke up also and she got mad at me for dating him first.

  13. Cynthia says:

    When I went to a party and my x-husband introduced me as his wife.

  14. Ron says:

    I left my girlfriend thinking there was something better had to go to her job and propose!!!

  15. marc waldman says:

    when my wife on our 2nd date sat on the other couch thru a movie, and they gave me an awesome kiss goodnight….. awkward.

  16. Rachel says:

    There was a time in a previous relationship where I would be introduced as a friend to my former boyfriend’s buddies, but to his family as his “girlfriend “. Turns out he had a lot more “friends ” I was told later by one of his buddies I’d already knew from childhood. I later thanked him for the heads up! Confused I was no more …..JERK!!!

  17. I walked in on my girlfriend kiss is sister

  18. jay says:

    The first time I went to meet my girlfreinds “parents” I was shocked to find out that they were husband and husband.what a surprise that was

  19. Teresa Allen says:

    When a guy I was dating showed up at my work with flowers and a proposal. I was confused because I had no idea we were that serious!

  20. jim says:

    my girlfreind invited me to dinner one time,but it turned out to be at her parents house whom I havent about awkward.

  21. gene says:

    weather to let to toilet seat down or let it up?

  22. eugene says:

    MY\y big confusing moment was her or her sister only one and a have years apart in ago looked just alike the different personallites.

  23. Don says:

    A close female friend of mine [“Kathy”] Informed me that a friend of hers [“Jean] liked me and wanted to go on a date. So, I asked “Jean” and she said no as it was “Kathy” that really liked me and wanted to date…women???!!??

  24. Adam says:

    I once was out with my girlfriend when here ex showed up and asked her for another chance! Talk about awkward!

  25. pam lyons says:

    My confusing moment was after a peck on the cheek. … were we dating or not…hmmm

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