Date: TUES March 25, 2014

Time: 7pm

Where: AMC Star Southfield


Synopsis: Members of an elite DEA task force find themselves being taken down one by one after they rob a drug cartel safe house.


  1. Ryan Jones says:

    I was a supervisor for a manufacturing line. One of my employees intentionally did not meet the production schedule by causing his machine to breakdown. I found this out from another employee. Needless to say, the employee who was sabotaging the machine to meet production, was disciplined.

  2. eugene says:

    Two ford employees plotted to steal my tools because they were jealous.

  3. Melissa Ingleston says:

    So far there hasn’t been a time where I’ve been sabotaged. So I guess that’s good.

  4. Leticia Martinez says:

    Working in quality control there is always suspicious cases of sabotage

  5. David Green says:

    I was planning a conference…I had four speakers who did not prepare. They blamed me for their lack of preparation. I hadn’t given them enough time to plan…a month…really?

  6. Linlady says:

    Was advised to take a test for a promotion, by the head of my company, that was in my department but come to find out that they had already promised the job to someone else even before the job was posted. They made it seem that the job was mine because I had been doing the job temporarily and they made me feel that it was mine if I was able to pass the test and the interview, which I did, because I was doing a great job at it so far.

  7. Brenda VanTull says:

    I felt sabotaged when a co-worker took credit for my idea at work and it was implemented in the workplace.

  8. Sharon says:

    I worked for a company 30 years and retired to find the company had spend all retirement money and closed

  9. stephanie says:

    Someone once should things about me that we untrue but sounded true and believable. These actions had an impact joining the team because my ccharacter had been sabotaged.

  10. Gwen McPhee says:

    When buying my last car I was made promises of incentives to convince me to buy. I bought but they didn’t follow through on the promised incentives. I felt sabotaged!

  11. Rachel says:

    A student once wrote a bad review about me because she couldn’t keep up in class.

  12. shirley says:

    Many years ago, i was out shopping and was waiting for a park. As iI got out of the car another driver yelled at me and I continued to walk. When I returned my car was keyed.

  13. Tamiko Colts says:

    I was working at a company where supposedly thinking outside the box and giving top hitch customer service is welcome and my teammates all told my manager that I helped a client set up a meeting and they had nothing to do with it.

  14. pam lyons says:

    I felt sabatoged when I was bumped from my previous job….no warning, no I’m sorry…no nothing.

  15. Wayne says:

    The only time I can think I have been sabatoged is when I have had been hacked online.

  16. Laronda says:

    One of my reports came back a work with typos and I felt like someone sabotaged me because my reports never came back until I stopped talking to this one person.

  17. Cisco Labuanan says:

    I once worked at a retail store and was in charge of the stock room, stock was being misplaced in the wrong section by someone else and I was being blamed for it.

  18. Sara K says:

    I know it’s really dumb but I have a friend who never sends me tickets on Candy Crush unless she’s on a higher level than me. I feel like she’s sabotaging me so that I’m never higher than her. HAHA. Dumb, but true.

  19. Devon Smith says:

    I felt I was sabotaged by my uncle who once had me pick up a leash by the dog he was walking and his manure was all over the leash after he told me to hold it for him !

  20. Teresa Taylor says:

    While I was working on a project for work, my co-worker tried to sabotaged the program so that I would not get the promotion. I prevail and got the promotion. They were fired!

  21. Dianne says:

    It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in cold and snowy February. We were on our way to a movie to enjoy a good relaxing afternoon and we didn’t have a lot of time to get there before the movie started. As we traveled along a stretch of road we were dodging potholes as is the custom in Michigan. We hit one doozy that appeared out of nowhere. It took a few seconds to realize that we took a bad hit and were faced with a flat tire and bent rim. We hobbled along to the theater where we had to change the tire and this bit of bad luck sabotaged an otherwise wonderful experience.

  22. Regan M Bultz says:

    I felt I was being SABOTAGED once when I was asked to invest a large sum of money in a get rich fast property venture. However, I did not take the bait on this risky chance shaky ground investment that failed in the long run shortly thereafter. Buyer Beware 🙂

  23. Jerome says:

    I gave someone a chance with a job to help them and their family out in a tough time. When they first started to work, things were going great. Slowly I started to hear things about what they were saying and doing on the job. They were one of my managers and every time input out the schedule they would go and make changes without telling me, hoping that we would mess up. I went through this for a long time, it make me work harder until the day they finally retired.

  24. Carl Wheeler says:

    While working for a retail electronics chain I was moved from store to store in order to raise their performances. Every time I got a store to near or above their budget I was moved to another store. I believe this was done to keep me from getting my bonuses. It was pure sabotage on a corporate level. I quit.

  25. LP says:

    I interviewed for a job a few years ago only to be told someone’s son or nephew or something got the job. They had only interviewed me so it looked good on paper .

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