Keep your money in your bag

If someone were to ask you to pick up a bag and deliver it without looking in it, would you be able to do it? We know! It goes against everything you’re taught! Well this is just the task that Jack played by John Cusak was asked to accomplish by his crime boss Dragna (Robert De Niro). What Jack didn’t know, was that attempting to deliver this mystery bag while waiting at a motel was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

Everything about this film from the way it was filmed, to the characters throughout was just weird and eerie. Obviously this was writer/director David Grovic intent, because it had all the right ingredients to be just that. Nothing about this film was really original, for mystery motel movies have been done in the past and lets not talk about the number of films based around mystery packages. The plot seemed to repeat itself over and over again, while some parts of the movie just seemed to be thrown in.

It wasn’t that great of a film, but if your bored looking for something to do on a rainy Saturday, grab this DVD. This just might keep you occupied. Just don’t expect too much!

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