Date:  Monday, October 17th

Where: Main Art in Royal Oak

Time: 7PM

Giveaway Rules: To win passes, tell us about a woman you know who had to forge her own path. If YOU SEE “(CLOSED)” IN THE POST TITLE, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NO-LONGER AVAILABLE

Synopsis: One of America’s foremost filmmakers, Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff) directs a remarkable ensemble cast led by Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart, and Laura Dern in this stirring look at three women striving to forge their own paths amidst the wide-open plains of the American Northwest: a lawyer (Dern) who finds herself contending with both office sexism and a hostage situation; a wife and mother (Williams) whose determination to build her dream home puts her at odds with the men in her life; and a young law student (Stewart) who forms an ambiguous bond with a lonely ranch hand (radiant newcomer Lily Gladstone). As their stories intersect in subtle but powerful ways, a portrait emerges of flawed, but strong-willed individuals in the process of defining themselves. In select Detroit theaters on October 21st.


  1. Scott Potis says:

    My sister has forged her own path, completeing school and accomplishing her dreams, not letting her two organ transplants ever slow her down along the way

  2. Teresa Doyle says:

    In 1981 I had just been certified as a nurse practitioner. I knew that I wanted to teach persons with arthritis how to take care for themselves as an adjunct to taking medication. Although nurse practitioners were fairly common on the west coast, they were virtually unknown in the Detroit area. I wanted to serve persons with arthritis and related diseases such as lupus. With the help of a physician I applied for and received a 2 year fellowship from the area arthritis foundation. All the other fellows were physicians, most of whom chose to ignore me. Our group provided services in 2 hospitals. My application for privileges at those hospitals was met with considerable resistance from administrators, physicians and nurses. How could “just a nurse” provide the same level of care as a physician? Patients assigned to me were at first reluctant to accept care from, me rather than a physician. With the support of my supervising physician I managed a growing number of patients and outpatients, conducted community education programs and taught area nurses in classes and one-on-one. It was rough-going at times; I had to prove myself to every new doctor and patient I met. But I believed very strongly in what I was doing. Eventually I received an award for excellence in nursing practice from the national honor society for nursing as well was recognition by the local and national arthritis foundations. Of course, now nurse practitioners are not only accepted but also sought to provide their unique set of skills in a variety show and of health care settings. I believe that I “broke the ice” for many nurse practitioners in the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

  3. Mary Margaret Stone says:

    My aunt was overlooked for a promotion because she was a woman. She filed a lawsuit against the company, won her case, and eventually worked her way to a supervisor position at the factory. This process came at a cost, because many of her coworkers gave her grief for the lawsuit and didn’t respect her as a boss. She eventually left her job and pursued another career.

  4. Molly Laich says:

    My mother left my father when I was four years old. She supported us on her income as a secretary, put herself through school, moved up in her position and raised me and my two older siblings like a champ. No one will ever make a movie about her but she made sacrifices so that I could be the esteemed film writer I’ve become.

  5. Alex Wolff says:

    My mother has forged her own path going through a rough childhood.

  6. kiesha wynn says:

    I would love to see this movie. I’m a women who uplift other women.

  7. MELISSA Garnai says:

    A woman I work with comes to work every day at the age of 91. She grew up in Kentucky and lived a very hard life. She says she loves her job working on the school bus with handicapped children.

  8. Shelly Kury says:

    My mom had to forge her way ahead…she was a woman in a male dominated field. She was a sign painter….doing lettering on commercial vehicles, boats, business signs, etc. She is creative, hard working and never let’s anything stand in her way. She often got overlooked because she is a woman, but her work says it all and soon people realized that.

  9. Mary Step says:

    My mother had to forge her own path when she came to this country from Bulgaria.

  10. Pat Emerson says:

    I would love to watch this movie

  11. Ebitari Burutolu says:

    I know a woman who grew up in the projects on the East side of Detroit. Her daily diet consisted of ramen noodles and spam for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. She worked at the Chrysler plant making 15/hr doing assembly work from 5am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. Sundays were off. That is when she went to Church to praise the lord. She struggled everyday, going to work on the warren bus dealing with crack heads, and hookers on the corner, she went about her daily routine to work hard and save for the future. Today she is an attorney at the Coleman Young Municipal in downtown Detroit.

  12. Rob Lunde says:

    My Mom had to forge her own path, by forging her own career, back during a time when it was a challenge for women to get into the workforce.

  13. A real cast of great character actresses.

  14. I like a movie with empowered women.

  15. I like a movie with powerful women.

  16. Felicia Townsend says:

    Thanks for the tickets

  17. Ann Anderson says:

    Myself. Leaving your family because of a religion that you no longer believed in.

  18. Amanda Prichard says:

    My great grandma who had to raise 7 kids when my great grandpa had passed in his early 30s

  19. Darlene Mccarroll says:

    I am excited to see this

  20. Billy says:

    My mother!

  21. Christine Bender says:

    My mom had to forge her own path when her husband left her with two small children and no education, and no family nearby. She went to school, while working full time. We had some bumps in the road, but she earned two degrees and bettered her job situation along the way. My brother and I both graduated and turned out pretty well. I’ll never know how she kept it together all those years, but she did!

  22. Adrienne Kim Scott says:

    2 tickets please

  23. Adrienne Kim Scott says:

    2 tickets please

  24. Charlene says:

    Me. My husband died while my 2 boys were 9 and 13. I pushed my way to being the dad while choosing not to date until 8 years later so I could raise my kids.

  25. Lisa Davis says:

    Looking forward to seeing this movie!

  26. Michelle Kisner says:

    My mother. She was a single mother to both me and my sister. She worked a ton of low wage jobs just to give us what we needed. I will always appreciate her.

  27. James Swartz says:

    My mother has been an inspiring figure my whole life. Came from a less than ideal background only to rise above anything that comes her way!

  28. melissa seligman says:

    I would love to see this movie

  29. Kirk says:

    Andrea B-B she pushed to become a union electro and accomplished

  30. kim says:

    My mom had to forge her own path. A high school drop out who later went back to complete her ged. Later to go on to achieve a college degree in criminal justice. This would have been in the late 60’s or early 70’s when women were not in a police department. She did this while being a divorced mom and raising two daughters. Generally she also worked to jobs to support the family.

  31. Gene mattison says:

    My mother was such a women as a professional chef in the cooking industry in the late 1950’s. Where she was not allowed to joint the union because she was colored.

  32. fmp says:

    Tell us about a woman you know who had to forge her own path. The only person I can think of is my Mother. As being raised by a single mother, she was uneducated with 3 kids. She took babysitting jobs at minimal wage, but we were clothed and feed and did not know we were poor.

  33. Carmela McTyre says:

    I know of a older women that has been with the company for 20+ years and she has had to endure a lot to get to where she is now. She is still testing and learning to become one the highest in the office.

  34. My mother is a woman who forged her own path. She was an single mom, at a young age, who was able to finish school, get a high level professional job, and establish a secure stable home life for herself and children.

  35. Carmelita Berger says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie. Makes me think of my mother a very courageous woman

  36. Carmelita Berger says:

    My mother is an amazing woman that accomplished so much

  37. Regan M Bultz says:

    A woman I know very well who had to forge her own path to the United States is my wife of 40 plus years. She married me in 1976, also worked for ten years before we started a family, and continues to be awesome mother for two sons, wife, and best friend to me and others. Her path forges to infinity and beyond. 🙂

  38. Dianne B says:

    Back in the 1920’s my grandmother decided to leave Europe and come to America. Only 17, she found enough money to buy passage on a ship and came to Chicago via New York. She knew of some people who spoke her language and gave her advice on how to survive the transition. She then left Chicago for Toronto in search of work. There she met my grandfather. It wasn’t easy for a woman to do this on her own but she proved herself to be formidable.

  39. Donald B. says:

    A friend of mine mother lost her parents in her early teenage years. As a result, she had to move from Europe to the United States and live with her aunt and uncle. She had to learn English and finish school as well as work to pay her way.

  40. Yvette Hairston says:

    A 53 year old single friend lost her job of 27 years due to a merger. She applied for a number jobs but could only get hired making minimum wage. Not earning enough to pay the house and car note as well as other obligations, she started a lucrative business selling clothing and jewelry On-line.

  41. My sister who perseveres 2 degrees, 2children, 1 husband and one very troubling younger sister.

  42. Richard jacobs says:

    Strong women!

  43. Paul G says:

    My mother had to forge her own path bringing up four young children alone when her husband passed away.

  44. Ann says:

    My little sister ran away from home…all they way to the neighbors bush…3 doors down…lol!

  45. Aaron Michaels says:

    With very limited resources, my grandmother had to make her own way through life by working hard and saving just about every penny she earned in order to secure a good life for herself, alongside her children.

  46. Devon Smith says:

    I know an old girlfriend who had to forge her past , I have no ideal if she suceeded

  47. Teresa Allen says:

    A woman I knew who had to forge her own path was my best friends mom. Her husband brought her to America from Germany when they got married. She had several miscarriages but eventually had my friend. After a few unhappy years of marriage, his physical abuse and alcohol abuse she left him. She raised her child on her own and never remarried. She always wanted to go back to Germany but she never made it. Her life was hard.

  48. Teresa Taylor says:

    My cousin had to forge her way through college. She is now very successful in what she do.

  49. Ron says:

    My grandmother had to fight her way through old traditions of the Church to implement different ministries.

  50. Teresa Taylor says:

    I ran away from home when I went away to college.

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