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04 May




Prime Time Ticket Movie Here Folks

Charlize Theron begins the movie as a pregnant woman, Marlo, who is struggling with the challenges of being a mother and wife. As her family grows so does her vivid imagination.

The audience will watch this movie with many moments of familiarity as they emotionally join Marlo on her personal journey to juggle 2 kids, a husband, and a newborn. Along her journey, she slowly takes the time to meet and get to know Tully, a nanny referred by her brother, who becomes her life saver.  As the story ends, we discover that her family isn’t the only thing she is juggling to deal with.

This movie begins as a drama that cleverly turns into a mystery long before we know that’s what has happened.

You will want to check this out!

22 Apr




Prime Time Ticket Movie Here Folks

The movie starts out with a dream about our fab guys racing down the highway, playing music, and having a great time. They are later recruited to help with a border disagreement with Canada. There are a lot of fun times, snappy jokes, and sheer craziness as the troopers are in the process of cleaning up a location and getting a new station in full running condition.

One of the funniest moments is when 2 of the troopers are pretending to speak French by saying the names of random French products and words quickly as if they are really having a conversation. It was great seeing Lynda Carter (known for her role as Wonder Woman) as the governor. Kevin Heffernan was hilarious with his off-beat jokes and totally outlandish antics. I’ll not look at port-a-potties the same ever again. Each scene leaves you with the “what’s going to happen next” feeling, so don’t be surprised when it’s something totally unexpected.

Need a good laugh? Go see Super Trooper 2.

11 Jan



A Haunted House – In the house

This is definitely a prime time ticket winner.

It’s just something about that Wayan’s Family! Anytime they touch a project you can usually count on two things: 1) Its going to be funny, 2) Its going to be successful. We’ll baby brother Marlon is taking on the challenge all by himself this time.

Malcom (Marlon Wayans) is getting ready to embark on a new journey in his relationship with his girlfriend Keisha, (played by Essence Atkins) by moving her into his house. Though some try to warn him, he believes everything is going to be wonderful and plans to film the entire ordeal. Once she moves in, reality starts to kick in along with some mysterious occurrences.

Well we are here to tell you that Marlon successfully accomplished 1 of the 2 Wayan’s Family guarantees. We must prepare you though, the humor (as usual with the Wayan’s Family) takes you right to the edge of acceptability. No worries though, they usually do so without going too far, so you will find yourself laughing pretty much throughout the entire film.

Outside of it being funny, we find it necessary to point out that this is the only scary film which was purposely written as a comedy without spoofing other movies. According to Marlon during his Question and Answer session at the screening, he was intrigued by this project, because a project of this nature had never been done before.

This is certainly a prime time ticket winner here ladies and gentlemen. We can’t predict whether Marlon will accomplish guarantee #2 of it being successful, but it certainly has the right ingredients to do so.



12 Oct




Good original film, but only worthy of a Matinee ticket

We must be honest. We didn’t know what to expect from this film. A comedy about MMA fighting. Hmmmm! The only thing that made us give it a chance was the fact that Kevin James was the leading character. If anyone can make a film funny, Kevin can.

High school biology teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) is one of many teachers in the school with little interest in teaching. Once Scott learned that the school was going to cut the music program, he gets energized to do whatever he can to raise money to save it. After some  thought, Scott decides to earn the money by becoming an MMA fighter.

Writers Kevin James, Allan Loeb and Rock Reuben get an “A” for originality, because they were really reaching for a new comedic idea. We weren’t sure how they were going to make this movie funny, while maintaining the realistic feel MMA fight fans are used to. Come on let’s face it, Kevin doesn’t exactly have an athletic look to his physique.

Surprisingly it worked! Kevin and his supporting cast actually were funny. More importantly, the realistic feel and look of MMA was maintained by casting some true MMA legends. The story line was intrigueing considering the negative publicity our school systems are recieving today, but the writers managed to bring a positive spin to an already ugly situation.

Grab your family and head out to see this film. Its not worthy of a prime time movie ticket, but its definitely worth a matinee see.