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Keep your money in your bag

If someone were to ask you to pick up a bag and deliver it without looking in it, would you be able to do it? We know! It goes against everything you’re taught! Well this is just the task that Jack played by John Cusak was asked to accomplish by his crime boss Dragna (Robert De Niro). What Jack didn’t know, was that attempting to deliver this mystery bag while waiting at a motel was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

Everything about this film from the way it was filmed, to the characters throughout was just weird and eerie. Obviously this was writer/director David Grovic intent, because it had all the right ingredients to be just that. Nothing about this film was really original, for mystery motel movies have been done in the past and lets not talk about the number of films based around mystery packages. The plot seemed to repeat itself over and over again, while some parts of the movie just seemed to be thrown in.

It wasn’t that great of a film, but if your bored looking for something to do on a rainy Saturday, grab this DVD. This just might keep you occupied. Just don’t expect too much!



Come on its James Bond. Pick Up The Full Price Ticket

We expected greatness and that’s exactly what we got.

James Bond is tested as he shows his allegiance to M who is under attack from a prior agent who is out to kill her.

In our eyes this Bond experience was different than prior versions and we liked it. Why might you ask? Well as we stated above, its as if writers Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Ian Fleming and John Logan decided to get back to the basics. There weren’t any fancy gadgets specially made for bond. The sexy bad girl wasn’t the focus of the film and they even brought back an oldy but goody. You will see what we are talking about when you check out the film.

Although all of this was stripped from the movie, this bond film was as good or better than previous versions. What’s not missing is his smooth style. He is still Bond, James Bond!

What are you waiting for. Get to the theater!




Almost Worth A Prime Time Ticket

Guess who is crossing over to the action genre? That’s right Tyler Perry!

A homicide detective in Detroit is an accomplished veteran in the police department known for solving crimes using his PHD in psychology. Like any other case, he is assigned to a high profile case to assess the clues, but this case won’t be so cut and dry.

Ok we know! Its hard to get over not seeing Tyler Perry in a dress as Madea in the series of Madea films he has written and produced over the years. It makes seeing him as a serious action film that much more difficult. Once you get over that minor issue though, you find that he does a pretty good job playing the role. There’s plenty of action and the bad guy played by Mathew Fox (Emperor 2012, Lost TV Series) was just down right crazy.

There were a few points in the film we didn’t like such as the fight scene at the end. It was just too simple and easy compared to the skills that the villain showed at the beginning of the film. We also think a few of the lines were a bit too Tyler Perryish in that they sounded like they belonged in one of his directed films.

Outside of the points above, we think this was a pretty good film. Tyler did a pretty good job, but it wasn’t as believable as it could have been if it were played by a more accomplished actor known for playing action roles. Right now, we are giving this a Matinee look, but after a few more roles like this, Tyler just may be getting Prime Ticket purchases from us for his action performances.




Worthy of a prime time ticket purchase

How excited were we when we saw the sequel of this action film being released. We thoroughly enjoyed the first rendition (Taken in 2008), so we just knew we were in for something special.

CIA agent Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) is in Istanbul on business, when his ex wife and daughter join him for a quick vacation. Everyone is happy until Brian’s instincts tell him something isn’t right.  He and his ex wife are taken hostage by the family of the same kidnappers who took his daughter in the first edition. Now Brian must use his training to escape and save his family before they are all killed.

The film was entertaining and had plenty of action. Director Oliver Megaton did a great job bringing viewers up to speed on what happened in Taken 1.  So even if you didn’t see the first edition, you can still follow in the second.

The only disappointment for us was that the storyline was very similar to Taken 1. So the film was pretty predictable for anyone that saw the first edition. To the writers credit though, the ending was very intriguing.  So its our opinion that they should have made the hints of the ending, the basis of this versions story line. If they had, this movie would have been much better.

This wasn’t the best movie of the year, but its worthy of a prime time ticket.  Take your significant other and enjoy this action packed thriller.