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01 Mar




You Don’t Want to Miss This One! Take the Family. Its Worth A Full Price Prime Time Ticket.

Directed by Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin, this documentary follows Manassas High School’s football team from an impoverished neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. The volunteer coach, Bill Courtney, understands the importance playing football will have on the team. Most of which are fighting an uphill battle to survive and overcome a variety of obstacles. Coach Courtney is not just coaching football; he is trying to instill discipline and perseverance into a group of young men society has given up on.

The story of the underdog has never been told like this. Hollywood couldn’t write a script that could capture the grittiness and vulnerability in these young men lives. The best of actors would not have been able to convey the dichotomy of hope and despair. This is reality TV at its finest. You want so badly for this team to win, not just their games, but in life.

This movie is well deserving of this year’s “Best Documentary” at the Oscars. We love this film and you will too! Buy the DVD and watch it for years to come!