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05 Oct




Grab the kids and your credit card because this is NOT a matinee movie. 

We gathered our kids for this premiere, because we knew to get a real sense of how good this film was, we would need a teens opinion. Lucky for us we have more than enough kids between us and our friends.

Beca played by Anna Kendrick, begins college  at Barden University as a freshman. Attempting to find her place in this new world, she decides to find a campus group which would enhance her love for music. At first she had difficulty finding a group in her specific genre, but after some convincing she joined a group called the Bellas. By joining this group, she learned a lot about herself and what she really wanted out of life.

The movie looked cute and funny in the trailers and reminded us of one of those dance movies like Step It Up or You Got Served. We wondered if it was going to have any original points to it or if it was going to be a complete copy of something that has been done many times in the past.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that it was funnier than the trailers projected it to be thanks to Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). She almost stole the show with her performance. The kids laughed the entire movie thanks to her antics and thought she was the best part of the movie.

Best of all, the movie taught our kids some valuable lessons. As a parent you can’t ask for more out of a movie.  If we had to pay for it, we would gladly have done so. This is definitely worth a full price ticket, but if your anything like us, your gonna end up taking them to the 7pm show, because by 9pm, they better be in bed. HA YEA RIGHT!

Don’t delay this is worth your hard earned cash!




13 Jan




You will enjoy spending your money on this one. Worthy of full price tickets for the entire family.

Ever wanted to go to a movie and leave feeling good? This Todd Graff directed film is just for you.

Vi Rose Hill played by Queen Latifah takes over as lead choir director of a group who’s main goal is to win the National Choir competition. Due to better choir groups, each year they come in second place. Its not until they receive unexpected help that they realize their true potential and compete to finally take 1st place once and for all.

This is truly a feel good movie with plenty of hidden messages throughout. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying, laughing and/or singing along as the movie progresses. You will even find a few surprises along the way.

If your looking for a film for the entire family, don’t miss this one.