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Pick up a prime time ticket or two. This one is worth it.

How often have you seen the results of a horrible natural disaster on the news and said, “I can’t imagine what it would be like to experience that”. With the sheer number of disasters the world has seen lately, we are sure its been once or twice.

A true story is told surrounding the survival of a family of five who are caught in a Tsunami while on vacation.

We aren’t going to waste your time with a review, but we will say that if you want to know what its like to be caught in a Tsunami, go see this film. You will leave no-longer wondering whats that experience is like.



Prime Time Ticket Movie Here Folks

If you have listened to Jamie Foxx’s satellite radio show or read interviews given by either Jamie Foxx or Quentin Tarantino, you know that they both think highly of this complicated film. We wondered if it would be worth all the hype.

Django played by Jamie Foxx is a slave who was sold to a bounty hunter to assist in finding some wanted slave handlers. In exchange for Django’s assistance, the bounty hunter (Christopher Waltz), gave Django his freedom and offered to help him find his wife (Kerry Washington) who also was also sold as a slave.

We’ll once you get past the language and difficult scenes depicting enslaved black people, you will begin to notice why this film and its actors have received the accolades that they have. In true Quentin Tarantino fashion, he films this movie in a unique way, drawing your eye to scenes that other directors just wouldn’t do. We mentioned getting past the language used in the film, so if your familiar with Tarantino’s films (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill), you already know the kids probably should stay home. Jamie Foxx does an excellent job selling the fact that he is a slave and the other actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Calvin Candie almost steals the show with his performance as a slave owner.

This film is definitely worth a prime time ticket and worth all the trouble of finding a baby sitter.




Come on its James Bond. Pick Up The Full Price Ticket

We expected greatness and that’s exactly what we got.

James Bond is tested as he shows his allegiance to M who is under attack from a prior agent who is out to kill her.

In our eyes this Bond experience was different than prior versions and we liked it. Why might you ask? Well as we stated above, its as if writers Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Ian Fleming and John Logan decided to get back to the basics. There weren’t any fancy gadgets specially made for bond. The sexy bad girl wasn’t the focus of the film and they even brought back an oldy but goody. You will see what we are talking about when you check out the film.

Although all of this was stripped from the movie, this bond film was as good or better than previous versions. What’s not missing is his smooth style. He is still Bond, James Bond!

What are you waiting for. Get to the theater!




Worthy of a prime time ticket purchase

How excited were we when we saw the sequel of this action film being released. We thoroughly enjoyed the first rendition (Taken in 2008), so we just knew we were in for something special.

CIA agent Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) is in Istanbul on business, when his ex wife and daughter join him for a quick vacation. Everyone is happy until Brian’s instincts tell him something isn’t right.  He and his ex wife are taken hostage by the family of the same kidnappers who took his daughter in the first edition. Now Brian must use his training to escape and save his family before they are all killed.

The film was entertaining and had plenty of action. Director Oliver Megaton did a great job bringing viewers up to speed on what happened in Taken 1.  So even if you didn’t see the first edition, you can still follow in the second.

The only disappointment for us was that the storyline was very similar to Taken 1. So the film was pretty predictable for anyone that saw the first edition. To the writers credit though, the ending was very intriguing.  So its our opinion that they should have made the hints of the ending, the basis of this versions story line. If they had, this movie would have been much better.

This wasn’t the best movie of the year, but its worthy of a prime time ticket.  Take your significant other and enjoy this action packed thriller.