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04 Mar


Adjustment Bureau



If you think that you’re going to see a Jason Bourne-like, action film, prepare to be sorely disappointed. We sat in the movie theater somewhat confused at first and then a little pissed. The commercial sold audiences an action movie and all we got was a love story. Don’t get us wrong – we like love stories too.   The problem is when we order steak, we don’t want the waiter to bring back chicken.

After getting over the feelings for being hoodwinked, the movie wasn’t horrible. Matt Damon plays congressman David Norris who is running for a New York senate seat. After a video surfaces of a college prank, he loses the election and manages to run into Elise (Emily Blount) who he can’t stop thinking about. Enter the scenes from the commercial where David sees something he isn’t supposed to see. You may feel the urge to get excited here but don’t give into it. After finding out that there are beings out there that freeze people and mess with their minds, David is thinking about Elise and how to find her after he was told he wasn’t supposed to be with her. Huh?

The stock in this movie dropped considerably after that. After two 10 minute conversations with this woman, her pull is supposed to be so great over David that he doesn’t even think about the adjustment bureau people? Right, that’s what we thought too.  Then we started feeling shafted again because we started thinking about the movie poster and the commercials that all show Matt Damon running around.   We kept wondering – where is that guy and when is he going to show up in this movie?

Damon & Blount have great chemistry and some memorable lines, but the pace of the film is somewhat slow. Maybe because we expected chase scenes, some fighting, and some destruction of sorts. Anti-climatic is probably the best word to sum up this film. The little message at the end is actually borderline cheesy. The bureau minions fall short of looking menacing and almost look like caricatures.  The film leaves many questions unanswered about the actual adjustment bureau and its team, but we don’t think you’ll care that much.  You’ll just be glad it’s over.  Our suggest for this one is adjust your plans and skip it altogether.