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24 Jun




Worthy of a $10 Admission ticket

Whether you’re male or female, more than likely you have a crush on a teacher. Some of us even had classes where the teacher was  a pushover and we couldn’t wait to go to class – either to go to sleep or play games with our friends. Imagine the teacher you fantasize about and the pushover being the same person and you have the BAD Teacher.

Cameron Diaz stars as Elizabeth Halsey who is a middle school teacher buying time until she marries her rich fiancee. Things go bad and now she has to find a way to support herself until she can find a new rich man to sweep her off her feet.

The entire film revolves around Elizabeth trying to find ways to finance a boob job , which she feels will land her new man. Ironically, the new teacher at her school, Scott Delacorte (played by Justin Timberlake), is just her style and has the money to go with it. Now all she has to do is win him over and she can live the life she feels she deserves.

This movie is down right funny and must we say that Cameron is beautifully stunning in this film. Director Jake Kasden definitely utilized her beauty to build on the character and boy did it work. She was the perfect fit for the role and she earned her keep in her performance.

Although this was a comedy, there were definitely some lessons taught that can be applied to everyone that views this movie.

Remember to leave the kids at home, because there are a few scenes which may be a little raw for the young eyes and ears.