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Grab your family and see this film. It’s worth a full price admission ticket.

There was plenty of press about this film before it came out. Enough to grab our attention and make us want to see what all the fuss was about. We are glad we paid attention, because this was educational and entertaining all at the same time.

If you don’t know the history behind the film, Red Tails is a story about the Tuskegee Airmen, an all black fighter pilot program who were discriminated against during World War II. They were prevented from flying combat missions and forced to fly mostly ground missions. All because of the color of their skin. Due to the persistance of Colonel A.J. Bullard (Terrence Howard), they were finally given an opportunity to prove themselves as legitimate fighter pilots and boy, did they.

Make no mistake – this is not a documentary. So don’t come expecting to see actual clips from the war or to see what the actual Tuskegee Airmen look like today. This story is told from a specific perspective to give the viewer insight around what these men dealt with during this era. Further, it highlighted some of the succesful missions they flew, which garnered the respect of their fellow white fighter pilots.

Now that we have set the stage, we can go on with the show.   As you watch this film you will find plenty of mini stories wrapped into one. There’s struggle, pain, love, humor and triumph all wrapped into one. Of course, there’s plenty of flying action and even some educational scenes to help you understand the struggle that these men faced.

Based on the educational factor alone, we believe that this is a film should be enjoyed by the entire family. Couple that with the action flying scenes and you have a film worthy of a full price admission ticket.  Tail your friends! You won’t be disappointed with this one.