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Now we know the answer to that age old question, Who Sank My Battleship? And the answer is…drum roll please…this movie!

Imagine mixing “Saving Private Ryan”, “Transformers”, “E.T”, and “Failure to Launch”. You can’t see how that will work together huh? Here’s a secret-it doesn’t! Battleship, written by Erich and John Hoeber (how much you want to bet Battleship was one of their favorite board games); and directed by Peter Berg- misses the mark. Staring in this 2 hour and 11 minute flick is Taylor Kitsch (Lieutenant Alex Hopper), Alexander Skarsgard (Commander Stone Hooper), Brooklyn Decker (Sam), Liam Neeson (Admiral Shane) and pop star Rihanna as Petty Officer Cora “Weps” Raikes.

The plot has been done so many times before-good vs. evil, aliens attacking earth, loser turned relevant; team work makes the dream work, we could go on with the cliches as this movie did, but we dare to be different! This movie had potential but the finished product was mediocre.

The movie starts off with the discovery of a planet believed to be capable of sustaining life. We are introduced to two brothers, the older one is building a solid career in the Navy and the younger one is on a fast track to nowhere. Fast forward a couple of years, the life form descends on earth and the younger brother seemingly has his life together. Add in some C+ battle scenes and there you have it-Battleship.

As you can tell this movie rubbed us the wrong way. There were too many disjointed pieces that just didn’t go over well. First, the writers left some pretty significant questions unanswered. And not in a “we’re going to answer this in a sequel” type of way. That would have required planning and thought. Let’s give them the benefit of doubt and assume they just forgot. Something else that was annoying was the acting. Individually the actors were ok, but as an ensemble, not so much. This movie played like a band missing a section of instruments. The plot was predictable, nothing remarkable, or even that memorable. There were some funny and feel good moments splattered throughout, but they were too few and far between.

This movie is a disappointment. If you’re feeling nostalgic…wait until this come on TV and watch it while you’re playing the board game Battleship.



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If your a loyal follower, you know what it means when we don’t write a review for a movie…………………………….YOUR STILL WAITING FOR THE PUNCH LINE! GET OUT OF THERE AND GET TO THE THEATER.




Ever felt like you were running out of time? Like your life is dictated by a clock? Well this Justine Timberlake feature sums up how you feel.

Will Salas played by Justine Timberlake lives in a world where  time dictates everything from what you can buy to how long you live. Those in the ghetto must hustle to live another day, while the rich live a lavish life for eternity.  Will has the good fortune of protecting a man who has a substantial amount of time with no aspirations to keep it.  Eventually, the man passes his allotted time on to Will which gives him a renewed sense of hope of getting out the ghetto. With his new fortunes (time), Will can now move his mom into a better neighborhood  until she unexpectedly dies when her clock suddenly expires. Naturally, Will’s anger drives him to seek revenge by destroying the very system which killed his mom.

This film is a classic case of a great concept, with poor execution. The acting is sub-par, while many aspects of the movie just don’t add up. For instance, the film is set in the future but people use phone booths to call each other.  What is that about?  Do cell phone minutes somehow subtract time off of your life?   How about the cars sound as if they are from the future, but resemble classic cars from the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately, it’s almost as if they rushed through producing the film because this film could have been so much better. With a little more thought, this movie could have really been special.

One good aspect of the film is that it really opens your eyes to the reality of how we live our lives. The poor truly live day to day to make ends meet, while the rich seemly live with few worries.  If you have time to kill, hit the matinee.  Otherwise, don’t waste your time.





With so many Marvel characters being brought to the big screen over the last few years, director Joe Johnston had his hands full bringing this comic book classic to life. We couldn’t wait for its release just to see if it could live up to the hype.

Based during World War II, Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, The Avengers) is a small kid from Brooklyn who badly wants to become an American Soldier. Unfortunately his size and medical history prevented him from successfully enlisting until he met a doctor who wanted to use him for an experimental super soldier program. With the success of the program, Steve was transformed to be bigger, stronger and faster than any enlisted soldier who eventually became a hero to soldiers and civilians alike.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that this movie not only lived up to the hype, but it was motivating and inspirational. In addition, the film in an off-handed kind of way was a great tribute to our troops and was packed with plenty of action and cool 3D graphics.  And just like with the other Marvel Comics movies, don’t leave until after the credits.  There is a special bonus scene to let fans know what’s coming next.

What are you waiting for? Grab your family and check out this American Classic.